Thursday, August 4, 2011

if my memory lost..

if my memory lost, the people that i want to remember are :
my dad muhamad puzi hamid
my mum enor yusop
my sister nurmala and her husband zuwairi
- my brother muhamad rasul and his wife ernie diana
my nephew muhamad indera wazien
my lover mohamad shahmir zainon and his family

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


couple of weeks is going bad..leave my girls hurts me..but i have to decide the's not "suka2"'s the best for me and for sure the best for's sad when you know that actually you are not needed for some people..the best word to describe 'useless'..with or without is still same..i lost 5 people cause of myself..i don't know why i can drastically act like that..what i noe i have to be free..i don't want to 'mkn hati' again and one come and ask me nicely..yarr..i did it..i make them hate me so much..dat's very "sengaja"..i can do well to make people hate me..people with different attitudes..can they stand forever after together? what the really means by true friendship? use other people for our own good? it's not rite..friendship is pure..that's what i think of..i'm just like a trouble for everyone..don't you know that i miss them badly..i'm jelousing when look at was 6 people..but 6 people is always have trouble to be in one car,one study group,housemate, or whatever...i never say to be an opportunity cost because i know i will be the one who will walk out the group..well..i'm not the one who should be the opportunity cost maybe..huhu i'm looked damn evil from their eyes but deep in me who knows rite? every nite i'm waiting for someone to persue! it's not about "pujuk" but at least give me a relief..i don't know who can be trusted..i just can leave all this to Allah..Allah knows every single thing..i had a great time with them..really really a great time..and i miss the moment of laugh so damn much even i know i can't feel it's should be nice if we actually know each other better.. i can't reverse back to the past..i have to move on..i felt abandoned but i have go through it safely..maybe this is the least they will be in one car,in one desk,in one study group,in one laugh,in one mission,in one story..i will move on for them to be happy..
4 alphabets 2 numbers make me in sadness..
please give me a sincere smile with a sincere heart..bila kita betul betul ikhlasa baru nampak ikhlas kan? :)
if there's ufo landed near the field,if the alien ask one of us..who will be the one? now it's me..i'm in the alien's world dude.. :)
one thing i want to tell the most.. i love you <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


BETA HOUSE BM1111A: KOLEKSI GAMBAR KENANGAN BERSAMA BUAH HATI: "Rombongan raya bersama buah hati... mase nie shopping lepas raya... lokasi SOGO K.L. Family day ngn menantu. sweet memories. Mase nie seming..."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

when you say nothing at all

it's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
without saying a word you can light up the dark
try as i may i can never explain
what i hear when you don't say a thing
the smile on your face lets me kn0w that you need me
there's truth in y0ur eyes saying y0u'll never leave me
the t0uch of y0ur hand say y0u'll catch me wherever i fall
y0u say it best when y0u say n0thing at all
all day l0ng i can hear pe0ple talking out l0ud
but when y0u h0ld me near, y0u dr0wn out the cr0wd
try as they may, they c0uld never define
whats being said between y0ur heart and mine
the smile on y0ur face lets me kn0w that y0u need me
there's truth in y0ur eyes saying y0u'll never leave me
the t0uch of y0ur hand says y0u'll catch me wherever i fall
y0u say it best..when y0u say n0thing at all...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


kesunyian hati ini, sendiri ku menanti sesuatu yang tak pasti darimu. ku tahu dirimu, tak bisa ku miliki meski pun ku takkan henti mengharapkan hadirmu. sejak pertama melihatmu, berdua dengan kekasihmu, hancur luluh sudah harapan hati ini. menanti terus menanti dirimu dan tak ingin ku berpaling meski hanya mimpi menanti ku menanti cintamu kan kembali padaku. biarkan ku nikmati bayangmu, biarkan ku nikmati bayangmu, biarlah hanya malam temaniku. menemaniku.....